Periform Plus Intra-Vagina Probe

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Periform Plus Intra-Vagina Probe

(Please note that this listing is only selling an electrode, it does not include the stimulator, the electrode comes in a sealed packet which once opened we can not accept return and refund, due to hygiene reason) 


What is the Periform Plus


Developed from the award winning Periform, the Periform Plus is the improved intra-vaginal electrode designed for comfortable and effective use with a Muscle Stimulator or Biofeedback unit e.g. Percalm or Peritone

The patented hollow shape of the Periform Plus provides a smooth insertion and allows it to stay in place when you stand up or move around.


When can I use it?

The Periform Plus is used in the treatment of stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence and is used by continence specialists worldwide.


The Anuform is used in conjunction with a pelvic toner devise such as Percalm, Peritone, Neutrotrac, PelviTone, Femetone


The Peritone Plus is user-friendly and comfortable so you will feel relaxed when using it. It also allows you to remain mobile during the pelvic floor workout.


How does it work?


When attached to a muscle stimulator, the Periform Plus delivers a safe and gentle electrical current which stimulates and tones the vaginal muscle and pelvic floor muscle, making them stronger.


When attached to a biofeedback unit, the Periform Plus picks up electrical activity in the vaginal muscles and pelvic floor and displays the information on the unit’s screen to show you that you are contracting your muscles correctly.


New Features of the Periform Plus


  • A new, one-piece moulding which means the Periform Plus is now smoother and easier to clean


  • Integrated and longer cables of 36cm which moves the equipment cable connection further from areas of potential contamination. Integrally moulded cables eliminate any possibility of moisture ingress.


  • Improved indicator function – wand length has been increased to provide greater amplification of internal pelvic floor movements improving visual biofeedback and user education. The connection of Periform Plus body has also been completely redesigned for improved fit and ease of use.


  • Soft curving form assists insertion and comfort in use


  • Contoured electrodes provide comfortable stimulus


  • The narrow neck allows tissue to take a natural form


(No reviews yet) Write a Review