Actimove Epi Sport Tennis Elbow Support

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Actimove Epi Sport Tennis/ Golfer Elbow

Anatomically Shaped Epicondylitis Brace



The Actimove EpiSport reduces the discomfort and pain caused by acute and chroic epicondylitis. the anatomically shaped clasp and non-slip, soft liner align to the natural shape of the elbow to ensure an optimal fit whilst the elastic Velcro strap allows for individual therapeutic compression levels to provide comfort during sport and everyday activity.


The lightweight, Epi-Cast is highly recommended for those suffering from either Tennis Elbow or Golfer`s Elbow. Without restricting circulation, the dual action compression Epi-Cast works to treat the lateral and/or medial epicondylitis by placing pressure on to the tendon to absorb some of the tension when the tendon receives a sudden impact. The clasp can also be used for golfer`s elbow - it just needs to be worn the other way round.


Applications include : Epicondylitis , tennis elbow, muscle strains, bursitis, muscular overuse after work, sports & trauma


Sizes Cirumference of arm measured 4-5cm below elbow


XS  20-23cm

S    23-25cm

M   25-28cm

L    28-30cm

XL  30-34cm



(No reviews yet) Write a Review