Activa Class 1 Tights Stocking

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Product Overview

Activa Tights Compression Stocking




Activa Thigh compression stockings - daily wear for gentle care. Graduated compression elastic hosiery in compliance with British Standard.


  • Closed toe - CCL  1 
  • Colour: Black
  • UNIQUE FEATURE: British Standard elastic hosiery
  • BS CCL 1: 14 - 17 mmHg
Activa compression stockings are luxurious, comfortable, easy to put on and light to wear. 
Combining ultra-fine nylon and the smooth stretch of Lycra soft, these moderate compression tights are luxurious, comfortable and easy to put on. By using new designs, technology and yarns, Activa ensures a high quality product that helps you look good and feel good. 
Latex Free, Medically Approved


Washing Instruction


Can be washed at 40 degrees.


Indication/ Useful For

  • After sclerotherapy/surgery
  • Thrombosis (deep venous thrombosis, post-thrombotic syndrome) with tendency for slight oedema
  • Varicosis in pregnancy with tendency for moderate oedema
  • Inflammatory venous diseases (superficial thrombophlebitis, varicophlebitis) with tendency for moderate oedema

Measuring Size Guide



(No reviews yet) Write a Review