Anuform Intra Anal Probe

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Anuform Intra-Anal Probe Electrode Pelvic Exercise Toner 



What is the Anuform?


The Anuform is an intra-anal electrode designed for use with a muscle stimulator e.g. Percalm EMS system or Peritone Biofeedback unit (See my eBay shop). The Anuform may also be used as an intra-vaginal electrode when a smaller probe is required.


The revolutionary contoured shape of the Anuform provides a sound electrode/tissue interface which allows for comfortable muscle stimulation and accurate biofeedback.


When can I use it?


The Anuform is used in the treatment of faecal and urinary incontinence and is used by continence specialists worldwide.


The Anuform is used in conjunction with a pelvic toner devise such as Percalm, Peritone, Neutrotrac.


The Anuform is user-friendly and comfortable so you will feel relaxed when using it. It also allows you to remain mobile during the rectal workout.


When used as an anal probe, it is advisable to use some type of lubricant for insertion, as the anus is not self-lubricating and therefore use of gels will ensure greater comfort.


How does it work?


When the Anuform probe is inserted, the probe allows the anal sphincter to close around the narrow neck of the probe. This secures the correct positioning without the need for holding the probe in place. The electrode is integrated into the Anuform housing to restrict fluid ingress and enable easy cleaning and maintenance. There is an external ring to aid the insertion and removal of the Anuform Probe.


When attached to a muscle stimulator, the Anuform delivers a safe and gentle electrical current which stimulates and tones the anal sphincter muscle and pelvic floor muscle, making them stronger.


When attached to a biofeedback unit, the Anuform picks up electrical activity in the anal sphincter muscles and pelvic floor and displays the information on the unit’s screen to show you that you are contracting your muscles correctly.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review