APPI Intermediate Matwork Pilates DVD

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APPI Pilates Intermediate Matwork DVD

Recommended by Health Professionals in NHS, Private and Elite Sports

The APPI Pilates Intermediate Matwork workout includes a fantastic range of movements to target all areas of your body and improve postural alignment, mobility, strength and flexibility. It will see you moving with greater ease, grace and confidence.  Master the entire class from beginning to end or simply select a section to focus your practise for the day. Includes 5 easy to follow sections: pelvic stability, abdominals, upper stability & strength, Gluteals and stretch & mobility.


An Introduction to APPI


The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institue (APPI) is a world-leading expert in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation based Pilates. Developed over 10 years ago, APPI's world leading Rehabilitation based Pilates program has helped us become the leaders in the continued development of Pilates within the Physiotherapy and allied health world.


APPI Education is the largest supplier of Physiotherapy and Pilates training. With over 60 educators, training is delivered in 15 countries, with over 10,000 allied health professionals having been trained. Our success relies on our research-based approach to Pilates training. As Chartered Physiotherapists, we recognise the demand for more specific Pilates training which targets higher theoretical and practical experience.


APPI clinics are internationally recongised for pioneering the unique combination of cutting-edge Physiotherapy with specialised Pilates programmes. Our physiotherapists are world class leaders in rehabilitation Pilates and are in demand to teach our Modified Pilates approach to other Physiotherapists across the globe. We pride ourselves on our quality and dynamic approach to the care of a wide range of individuals from all backgrounds. We continue to treat triathletes, Premier Leauge fooballers, Rugby players, dancers from English National Ballet, performers from Cirque du Soleil, gymnasts, tennis players, runners and many more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review