Healthlife 70% Alcohol pad (Clean your phone)

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Product Overview

Healthlife 70% Alcohol Disinfection Coronavirus Pads (Box of 100 Sachets) Antiseptic Sterilization Wipes Cleansing phone , skins etc


  • Individually wrapped alcohol prep pads Single-use alcoholic wipes for skin cleansing
  • Ready-to-use Absorbant fibre-free wipes Suitable for Killing Coronavirus on any surfaces Suitable for pre-injection, skin cleaning, tattoo artists
  • Size of wipes: 32 x 67 mm Contains: 70% (IPA) Alcohol
  • Kills and eliminates harmful bacteria found on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets & handheld gaming systems etc.
  • Supplied to NHS and medical clinics


(No reviews yet) Write a Review