MagneCal D™

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MagneCal D™ 



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The USANA Difference
You can’t talk about healthy bones without mentioning calcium, but did you know vitamin D plays an equally important role in supporting bone health? Without sufficient levels of vitamin D, it’s difficult for your body’s structure and bones to absorb the right levels of calcium and magnesium. That’s why we’ve included all three ingredients in our unique bone-health supplement. Now you have all the nutrients you need to support your every move.

Health Benefits
• Contains calcium (bioavailable citrates and carbonates) that is needed for the maintenance of normal bones, teeth, and immune system.
• Contains vitamin D that helps the body effectively absorb calcium. Vitamin D also promotes phosphorus absorption that is essential to maintaining healthy bones.
• Contains magnesium (bioavailable citrates and carbonates), that helps reduce fatigue and plays an important role in our metabolism. It also helps maintain healthy nerve and muscle functions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review