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If you are in a remote location, or if you simply don't have time for traffic, parking and waiting rooms, an online physio consultation could help.

Online physiotherapy has been proven to be as effective, if not better, than in person care.


Have a personal 1-2-1 video call with a fully

​qualified physiotherapist in our online clinic




This form of service has been around for many years however more recently is growing in popularity. Many health care professionals including GP’s, dieticians and many more are already incorporating this concept into their practice. Latest modern technology, web cameras, video calling and high speed connections make online assessment, advice and treatments extremely quick, east and effective.

There is a wealth of research available explaining the benefits of this concept. Here we have summed up just a few:

  • Convenience of accessing expert advice whenever and wherever suits you.
  • Time saved travelling to and from appointments.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Gaining expert advice from someone who may be outside your geographical area.
  • Reduced waiting time for appointments.
  • Quick assessment post injury.
  • Research studies show that this form of assessment and treatment is just as effective as in-person appointments.
  • Studies show patient satisfaction is equal to if not greater than other traditional methods.
  • Meet with your physiotherapist as often as needed.




Patients can view their home exercise programs directly on our website. Each patient will have their own unique patient portal with access to high-quality videos, detailed instructions, compliance tracking and more. 



Patients can access high-quality video tutorials, engaging tracking features and more. Available on any mobile device or web browser.



How It Works

Below is a step by step guide to how this process works.

  1. After the sessions purchase , we will contact you to arrange the appointment date. 
  2. You will then receive an email/text containing everything you need to know to proceed.
  3. An appointment will be made to suit you.
  4. At your appointment time an initial video assessment will take place.
  5. A report containing your diagnosis, a link a re-view your video assessment, advice, recommendations and exercises will be sent to you.
  6. Follow up appointments, if required, can be arranged.



Is my injury suitable for treatment via the internet?

Most injuries are suitable for treatment using this method. Feel free to Get In Touch if you are not sure.

How can I be assessed without seeing me in person?
The majority of diagnoses are made through listening to the patient history. In most cases, a clinician can be almost certain of a patient diagnosis from listening to the history alone. The physical assessment may confirm this diagnosis and provide some baseline data.

During your assessment you may be asked to perform certain movements, just as you would in a practice, to aid diagnosis. You can also send photos or videos of injured body parts.

Can you guarantee full recovery?
No. As with face to face consultations, online consultations cannot guarantee full recovery.

What if i don’t have access to video calling?
Video calling is not a necessity. Our sevices can be provided via email and telephone.

Can I claim my appointment back through my health insurance?
We recommend that you check with your health insurance provider before proceeding with your appointment.

How do I pay?
Payment can be made online using all major credit and debit cards as well as paypal.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review