Sorbothane Full Strike Insole

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Sorbothane Full Strike Insole




Sorbothane is a liquid pushed to the maximum of its viscosity that possesses all the dimensional properties of a solid.

SORBOTHANE has the following properties:

A Liquid - under the pressure of an impact Sorbothane deforms to disperse the shock waves then retakes its initial form immediately to be operational at 100% of its efficiency on the next impact.
Example: When there is an impact in liquid - this moves and creates mini waves to disperse the shock then returns immediately to its initial form

A Solid - Sorbothane deforms against the impact (proportional to the force) which reduced the speed of the impact and therefore reduces the weight/pressure

Sorbothane insole is the world leading technology in allowing maximum performance with maximum impact

  • Unrivalled Shock Absorption
  • 100% effective with every stride
  • Up to 30% Lighter
  • Nano Silver antibacterial technology for maximum comfort

Sorbothane® insoles can help limit the trauma caused to a body during exercise, such as back problems, joint pain, tendonitis, fatigue fractures and knee pain. They help prevent the  re-occurrence  of old injuries and  offer unrivalled comfort.

Sorbothane® Technology Shockwaves are created every time your feet strike the ground, causing damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Sorbothane’s® unique visco-elastic material mimics the characteristics of human flesh, and at the moment of impact changes shape to disperse shockwaves sideways.

How does Sorbothane Full Strike work?

Sorbothane® Reactor Pads Highly-responsive, technical forefoot compound inlaid to compliment your foots natural energy return during ‘toe-off’.

1) Sorbothane® Impact Protection

Sorbothanes® unique shock absorbing compound contains a unique molecular structure that gives sustained cushioning with impact protection and unrivalled comfort.

2) Sorbothane® Biofit Technology

Foot-related pain can affect the way you run, walk and stand, which can often lead to pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back. When your foundation is correctly supported, aligned and cushioned, it starts a chain reaction of pain relief throughout your entire body. Sorbothane full strike carefully crafted insole geometry is central to achieving its biomechanical aim. The heel cup holds the heel in position after the foot hits the ground and the stabilising arch cradles the bones of the arch of the foot to reduce excessive foot pronation (Show pronation diagram from packaging)

3) Sorbothane® Total Control Topsheet

Sorbothanes® total control anti-bacterial top sheet system contains advanced nano silver technology to wick away moisture and provide maximum comfort.




  • Pronation control insoles with Sorbothane® shock impact protection
  • Suitable for all sports footwear
  • Replaces existing insole
  • Trim to fit lines
  • Anti-Bacterial



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