Sorbothane Single Strike Insole

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Sorbothane Single Strike Insole





Sorbothane is a liquid pushed to the maximum of its viscosity that possesses all the dimensional properties of a solid.

SORBOTHANE has the following properties:

A Liquid - under the pressure of an impact Sorbothane deforms to disperse the shock waves then retakes its initial form immediately to be operational at 100% of its efficiency on the next impact.
Example: When there is an impact in liquid - this moves and creates mini waves to disperse the shock then returns immediately to its initial form

A Solid - Sorbothane deforms against the impact (proportional to the force) which reduced the speed of the impact and therefore reduces the weight/pressure

Sorbothane insole is the world leading technology in allowing maximum performance with maximum impact

  • Unrivalled Shock Absorption
  • 100% effective with every stride
  • Up to 30% Lighter
  • Nano Silver antibacterial technology for maximum comfort


How does Sorbothane Single Strike work?

Simply remove your old insoles and replace with your new Sorbothane insoles, and give your shoes and boots a new lease of life and improve comfort.

They provide long term, high quality comfort and cushioning to all types of everyday and leisure footwear, and can be used daily or for sporting activities.

They are made from 100% polyurethane foam, which is overlaid with a soft layer and covered with a hard-wearing and durable fabric.

The Sorbothane single strike insoles are one of the most hard wearing and comfortable economy insoles available, and offer great value for money.



- 100% polyurethane.

- Hardwearing.

- Durable.

- You get a pair of insoles.

- Excellent value for money.

- This product comes with a left and right insole.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review